What Is A Power Play In Curling?

Power Play In Curling

The Power Play in curling is a game-changing feature exclusive to the mixed doubles format. It allows teams to shift the play to the side of the house. This increases the team’s scoring potential and forces their opponents to adapt their defensive strategy. The Power Play has a significant impact on game outcomes and adds … Read more

Baseball for Beginners


Baseball is a game played between two teams of nine players each. The game is divided into nine innings, each divided into two halves. In the top half of the inning, the players of one team successively come to bat and attempt to score runs, while the other team plays in the field and attempts to … Read more

Are Double Rims Harder to Shoot On?

Double Rims

No, that extra thick rim isn’t an optical illusion… And yes, it seems like every jumper that grazes the rim is rattling in and out.  Whether you’ve noticed them before or not, double rims are frequently used at public courts for their durability and cost effectiveness. They ARE harder to shoot on… but if you … Read more

Water Polo Positions

Water Polo Positions

With the resemblance of water polo to the basic mechanics of football, you’d likely know that much like football, water polo is a team sport. And the basic goal of team sports? Work together as a team to reach the goal! Water polo works in the same way, with roles assigned to each team member and counting … Read more

Top 5+ Highest Paid College Athletes

Highest Paid College Athletes

So, you’re wondering who the highest paid college athletes are? Let’s get in to it! The landscape of college sports is changing fast. Just a few years ago, college athletes were not allowed to be compensated financially for use of their name, image and likeness. This was an effort to keep college sports “amateur” for … Read more

How Do NASCAR Drivers Pee?

How Do NASCAR Drivers Pee?

NASCAR drivers face a unique challenge when it comes to relieving themselves during races, as they are confined to their cars for long periods of time, so just how do NASCAR drivers pee? Here are a few ways that NASCAR drivers have been known to deal with this issue: It’s worth noting that NASCAR has … Read more

Who Are the Richest Former Lacrosse Players?

Who Are the Richest Former Lacrosse Players?

Lacrosse is a major up-and-coming sport in the US, with countless college students earning scholarships to compete in NCAA competition. With so many college-educated athletes, lacrosse has some astonishing alumni that have gone on to have extremely successful careers. Read on to learn more about the ten richest former lacrosse players and how exactly they earned their … Read more

What Are the Most Popular Lacrosse Movies?

What Are the Most Popular Lacrosse Movies?

Lacrosse is a popular sport in North America, featuring a team-oriented atmosphere and fast-paced action. Like many other classic sports, the game of lacrosse has become a subject matter for an increasing number of films. Listed below are the top films about or involving lacrosse. What Are the Most Popular Lacrosse Movies? 1. The Spirit Game: Pride … Read more

What is a Curl Route in Football? 

Curl Route in Football

The Curl route is one of the basic passing routes on the route tree. It is a mid-range-depth passing route that’s designed to result in a relatively easy completion for the offense. It’s not meant to necessarily gain a lot of yards, or result in a huge game-changing play. Instead, the Curl route is meant to … Read more

Mastering the Naked Bootleg Play: A Powerful Misdirection Tactic in Football

Naked Bootleg Play

Introduction: Misdirection plays are a crucial element of a well-executed offensive strategy in football. By keeping the defense off-balance and uncertain about the intended play, the offense gains a significant advantage. One highly effective misdirection play that embodies this principle is the “Naked Bootleg.” This play combines elements of a play-action pass with a complete … Read more