Football Jockstraps: Benefits & Things to Consider

Jockstraps are an item of equipment that is commonly used for safeguards in soccer. Although they aren’t necessarily required but they are worn by numerous footballers. Jockeystraps for football come in various variations according to personal preferences.

Benefits of Football Jockstraps

Jockstraps are an undergarment that is worn by footballers to shield their groin from injuries. The undergarment is available in various variations however its primary function is to place a tough plastic cup to the area of the groin. The groin is among the most delicate and fragile parts of the body, so wearing a protective garment is extremely helpful in football.

Jockeystraps for football are like the ones worn in other sports that require contact, like lacrosse or hockey. Certain types are worn to keep the cup in place, but others can also provide compression benefits, such as recovering muscles or increased blood flow. Some jockstraps have additional padding too. Certain types of jockstraps may be used in lieu of compression shorts or underwear as a base layer for a footballer.

Things To Consider

If you’re in search of a football jockstrap be looking at these aspects:

  • What size jockstrap do I require?
  • What is the amount you would like to invest in the jockstrap?
  • What kind of jockstrap is the most at ease for you?

What do you want in an jockstrap?

  • Comfort
  • One-piece design
  • Maximum protection
  • Compression
  • Breathability

Football Jockstraps Types

The different kinds of football jockstraps comprise supporters as well as compression shorts.


Supporters are the oldest type of jockstraps. This kind of jockstrap features an elastic waistband that has two or three elastic bands that are wrapped around the legs. It also has an opening that the cups can slip into, and may be fitted with padding to the hips.


  • Very light and not obstructing.
  • Could offer additional protection for the hips
  • Use in conjunction with other compression shorts, or underwear


  • Some people find the design uncomfortable.
  • Doesn’t offer compression benefits.

Compression Shorts, with Cup

Compression shorts fitted with cup slots are the most popular form of jockstrap in the present. This type of jockstrap functions similar to the compression shorts, but it allows the use of a cup. Many athletes prefer this type of jockstrap due to it being more comfortable and offers compression.


  • Combining cup protection with compression
  • More generally, more than comfortable
  • More options for padding than supporters


  • Could be more expensive than those who support it.
  • Breathability is reduced


The most well-known brands that manufacture football jockstraps for soccer include Shock Doctor, McDavid, and Golberg.Shock Doctor

Shock Doctor is a brand that produces protective gear and equipment for various sports. They offer supporters as well as compression shorts that come with cups. The supporters will come with a cup however the compression shorts don’t. The difference is that Shock Doctor does sell cups on their own.McDavid

McDavid is a name brand which is associated and partnered with Shock Doctor. They also manufacture various recovery and protection products for various sports. McDavid mostly makes fans that can be used in kinds of sports. McDavid makes two different supporters: one with padding on the hips and one that is not. Both supporters do not include cups.Golberg

Golberg specialises in creating athletic fans and other non-sports related products. The Golberg supporters are available in several colours and are usually offered in packs. The majority of Golberg supporters are more affordable than others and come in several different designs.


Are jockstraps necessary for football?

While some youth football leagues might need to use jockstraps the majority of professional and college leagues don’t. While they’re not usually required, many footballers still use them for safety reasons.

Jockstraps in what sizes can they be found in?

The various types of jockstraps generally be available in both adult and youth sizes. In those categories, the sizes typically vary from small to 2XL. The sizes offered vary from one brand to the next and it is recommended to study the size chart of a particular company to determine which size is the most suitable.

What’s the price of football jockstraps for sale cost?

Jockeystraps for football range from $10 up to $30. In general, compression shorts with cups will cost a little more than supporters due to the extra benefits. Brands like Shock Doctor and McDavid also offer more expensive choices since they are well-known companies that make use of high quality materials.

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